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NYC Day Bus Tour

The wonders of New York City will dazzle you as you learn the history of this iconic place. Visit New York City's famous landmarks and neighborhood by bus, foot and boat cruise!
  • 89/79+
  • 9 am & 10 am
  • Glass-Top or Closed-Top Bus
  • Boat Ride Included

NYC Night Bus Tour

Looking For Things To Do In NYC at Night? Take NYC Night Tours by USA Guided Tours! Fully Guided NYC Night Bus Tours Led by Expert NYC Tour Guides!
  • 59/49
  • 5:30 pm
  • Grand Central Station Inside Tour
  • Optional: Edge Observation Deck


Custom tours give you full flexibility and convenience you simply don’t get on public tours. Create your itinerary, pick-up time, and tour vehicle and explore NYC on your terms!


Expertly Guided

Get accompanied by expert licensed NYC tour guides who will hop off the bus at each stop to provide you with a comprehensive and more intimate sightseeing experience of New York City.

Luxury Buses

Enjoy guided NYC bus tours conducted with luxury tour buses that are climate-controlled and offer a comfortable and pleasant touring experience, as well as protection from weather elements.


USA Guided Tours are recipients of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, the Travelers’ Choice Award, and the Gold Trusted Service Award!

How to Pick the Best NYC Tour for You?

It can be hard to pick a tour in NYC—sometimes even to decide if you want to do a tour at all! But we’ve been helping travelers like you plan NYC visits for years, and we want to share some tips to help you choose tours in New York City.


How much time do you have?

If your list of hotspots is two pages long but you’re only in NYC for a short time, you may think you don’t have time for a tour. We’d always recommend one though! With our New York day bus tour, you'll see the highlights of the city without spending an entire day sightseeing!


Bus or walking tour?

daytime bus tour of New York is perfect for that first impression of the city but to see the Big Apple from a whole different point of view, the night bus tour is a special experience. Ride around in a comfortable bus, and enjoy New York City’s bustling evenings. Interested in guided walking tours? Get accompanied by a licensed NYC tour guide, who will provide you with a truly comprehensive sightseeing experience!


How much of a deep-dive do you want to do?

Are you ok with just seeing the highlights, or do you want to explore the city on a deeper level, discovering everything the city has to offer? If so, book one of our NYC custom private tours for a more comprehensive touring experience. It’s the perfect way to hand-craft every single moment of your tour to your desires and your schedule, with personalized routes and activities designed just for your group. Include those top burger restaurants you were looking for, or explore NYC’s best parks with a guide, or well...the sky’s the limit, really.

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  • Holly S. appreciated how small her group was, giving her tour a really personal feel. On our climate-controlled compact luxury buses, you’ll never have to worry about making yourself heard across a crowded double-decker or feeling lost in the crowd. It’s easy enough to feel that way in the Big Apple when dwarfed by landmarks like Rockefeller Center and Wall Street, so our tours take extra care to help you get situated. It is called the “Big Apple,” after all!