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Up For Some NYC Sightseeing?

New York City undoubtedly feels like seeing 100 different countries being fitted into one small space. Being a backdrop of countless famous movies and TV shows, New York City is stamped in the mind of the people before they even get a chance to get there.

New York City is filled with so much to do and see, that one may find it overwhelming. In a city as huge and sprawling with must-sees, the best NYC tours offer travelers a very splendid taste of all NYC.

Visit Top NYC Sightseeing Spots With Guided Tours

Take a fully guided NYC tour to maximize your experience! It would be nearly impossible to list all NYC’s attractions on a single page, so we will almost randomly make a mention of some of them worth visiting while sightseeing in New York City.

With one of the finest world metropolises, New York City is one of the most fun places to visit. Known as ‘The City That Never Sleeps’, NYC sightseeing is a famous hobby of all those enthusiastic traveling fanatics out there. The vibrant streets of the city and the exceptional ambiance, which takes you into a magical realm, attract visitors by leaps and bounds from all over the world.

From iconic neighborhoods to delicious street foods and seven-star eateries, the city provides every single kind of recipe you would want to taste. Here is a list of some of the most common, yet picturesque visitor attractions New York City has to offer.

Times Square

The site is well-known for its huge LCD signs and New Year’s celebration, Times Square is the heartbeat of New York City. It represents everything the city stands for. This place has always been a famous memorial of the old American times and has also been used as a backdrop in countless movies.

Visitors to New York City simply cannot afford to miss this area pulsating with human energy. Times Square is a bustling magnet for visitors who have come for some city sightseeing.

Formerly known as Longacre Square, it was renamed in 1904 after the moving of New York Times newspaper headquarters to the Times Building. With a spectacle of billboards, arts, Broadway shows, shops, and restaurants, Times Square is also a center of various entertainment venues, which makes it a popular destination for tourists.

Why NYC Visitors Are Helplessly Drawn To Times Square?

The image of Times Square is one the world is familiar with, the towering buildings and bright lights, the advertising, and iconic stores, and so on.

It is true that when you’re in Times Square, you feel like you are in the center of New York, which some see as the world’s capital. If you’re taking NYC tours, it is likely that the tour will either kick-off, culminate in, or at least feature the area, allowing you to fully take in the hustle and bustle.

Times Square isn’t just an attraction because of how it looks and the fact that we can finally see the buildings, there is so much to do, with amazing restaurants, iconic stores, and historic buildings. Chill at one of the bars, eat at some of the famous restaurants, do a bit of shopping or just take in the sights.

Central Park

Are you looking to escape the jungle life of New York City? Then your destination should be Central Park. This serene park provides you with an opportunity to take a stroll, a bike, or even a boat ride, and spend quality time with your family or that someone special! It’s the perfect activity that will highlight your visit to New York City. This expansive green space offers the perfect respite from the city hustle and bustle.

Sprawling 843 acres, with lush green trees and plants, one finds it hard to believe that the park was once a swampy terrain housing sheds and farms from early colonists.

Designed by Frederic Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux - Central Park boasts numerous lakes, ice rinks, theatre, fountains, baseball fields, tennis courts, and other facilities. It is also home to Central Park Zoo and the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is definitely a not-to-be-missed while sightseeing.

The Empire State Building

If you ever visit New York City, the Empire State Building is another must-see. Take the opportunity to visit this iconic building and enjoy exceptionally breathtaking city views from its observation deck. The building is one of the most recognizable and popular NYC sights!

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is another symbol synonymous with NYC sightseeing. Gifted to the US by the French – in order to celebrate and appreciate their friendship during the French Revolution. The Statue has become the top visiting sight for all the people who make their way to New York City.

Read more about must-see NYC sightseeing spots.

Travel Tips



Visiting NYC in winter? Well, the truth is most of us are dreaming about snuggling with a warm cup of tea and a nice book in bed. A select few, however, are already planning their next sightseeing tour. In NYC, the temperatures in winter months can get as low as 0 °F (around -18 °C) and a day outside can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared in advance.

Don’t let the cold weather ruin your NYC sightseeing plans! The easiest way to see the city and keep warm is by opting for a guided NYC bus tour conducted with climate-controlled buses.

Another good sightseeing practice, when it comes to winter tours, is to pack in layers. Don’t go for your heaviest sweater, but instead pack a few lighter pieces – a shirt, a thin blouse, and maybe a cardigan. Also, aim for wool instead of synthetic materials, as wool is known to be the best material to regulate your temperature during the winter. Good wool socks, hats, and gloves are essential, especially if you plan on walking a lot or handling any maps or smartphones.

Seasoned winter travelers also recognize the value of the hand-warming packs. You can find these in almost any NYC convenience store – and they can be lifesavers during your winter NYC sightseeing!


New York City really feels the seasons, hot in summer, cold in winter, and you can really embrace and make the most of each season. Fall sees a different look and feel to the city as the winter coats start to creep out and of course the leaves start to change. One of the most incredible sights NYC has to offer, Central Park is a sight to behold as the autumnal colors grip the city.

Oktoberfest is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this in Central Park and the city really goes crazy for it. As Halloween approaches too, one of the best holidays can be incredible in a city that really embraces it. America is amazing for Halloween and where better to experience it all than in the Big Apple?

The city has a lot to offer all year round, but there is something magical about the feel of fall which can really grip you as you take on some NYC sightseeing.


If you’re looking for a favorable mix of good weather and goings-on, you’re best picks are April and May. The city starts warming up — literally and figuratively — for the summer. The rare April snowstorm is a slim possibility, and you’re definitely safe from the scorching sidewalk heat that can put a damper on your sightseeing plans in July and August.

This time of year, city parks finally hit their stride, filling out with lush green leaves and technicolor blooms — and filling up with city dwellers and tourists. If you like theater, make sure to visit Strawberry Fields in Central Park early in the morning — to participate in an NYC rite of passage: waiting in line for Shakespeare in the Park tickets. Pack a lunch, grab a blanket, and watch the sunrise over the city as you and your companions get your free tickets for one of the city’s most celebrated events! The Public Theater’s season at the outdoor Delacorte Theater also kicks off in May.

Finally, springtime is for New York sports. At Yankee Stadium, you can catch not only NYC’s most successful team but also its newest, Major League Soccer’s NYC FC. If you prefer the Mets, take the 7 train to Citi Field. Queens is the ethnic food capital of the country, so find your favorite cuisine to indulge in before the game. Nearby is Flushing Meadows, home to tennis’s US Open and the National Tennis Center. The tournament may be in August, but tours are available year-round!


As Gershwin wrote, “it’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy.“ Even though New York City’s hustle and bustle doesn’t take the summer off, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to lie back and relax as the best of the City’s indoor attractions meet you outside at the park.

Start off by resting easy during your guided NYC tours. Complimentary bottled water is available on air-conditioned buses. You’ll also get a sea breeze on a boat cruise around the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as part of our award-winning NYC bus tour, which will cover the best of NYC on foot, on wheels, and on the water.

After you get a snapshot of the city, it’s time to hit the nightlife . . . in the park. Central Park is crammed with outdoor events all summer long. Take off picnicking with friends on the Great Lawn as the New York Philharmonic Orchestra performs. The atmosphere is spine-tingling as the music soars and the sunsets. Did we mention it’s free?

If you’re visiting New York when the Philharmonic is in its usual residence at Lincoln Center, don’t worry! The Met offers free outdoor performances as well, and there are plenty of free rock, pop, hip-hop concerts if you prefer modern beats.

Another wonderful, relaxing activity is to rent a rowboat at Central Park’s Loeb Boathouse. Or you can let a Central Park boatman take you and your companions around in a Venetian gondola.

While it’s true that many New Yorkers complain about the summer heat shimmering off the sidewalks, the weather is perfect for planning relaxing outdoor activities. Our award-winning daytime and evening NYC bus tours are a great way to visit the best NYC has to offer while staying cool: after all, it’s “summertime, and the livin’ is easy”!

The Bottom Line

Apart from the aforementioned landmarks, New York has a lot more to offer to its visitors. NYC’s powerful multicultural society offers some of the most mouthwatering menus you have ever tasted.

If you want to get to absorb the beautiful sights and smells of New York, try booking yourself one of our popular tours to enjoy the most of your NYC sightseeing time. You’ll have a great time while building lasting memories.



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