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USA Guided Tours NY Awarded TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence & Viator Travel Award! The reviews are in, and the awards keep coming for USA Guided Tours NYC Bus Tours. “Best Tour Ever!” writes Kristi from Vancouver, WA on TripAdvisor. Michael R. tells Viator he saw more on his “Discover NY” daytime guided bus tour than
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An All-American July in New York City with NYC Guided Bus Tours While it’s true that New York City is like nowhere else in the States — or the world! — the Big Apple is one of the best places to enjoy an All-American holiday, especially in July. From spectacular celebrations on the Fourth to
TEN THINGS NOT TO MISS IN NEW YORK CITY  May 31, 2017 by Irene Ferri Photography | Fitness | Travel This April before going back (once more) to my beloved California, I decided I needed to finally see The Big Apple. Although the West Coast has my heart (period), I’m very happy I visited so


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Things to Do in NYC: Basking in the Summertime in New York City As Gershwin wrote, it’s “summertime, and the livin’ is easy.“Even though New York City’s hustle and bustle doesn’t take the summer off, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to lie back and relax as the best of the City’s indoor attractions meet you
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“Spring” into New York City in May Few months have as favorable a mix of good weather and goings-on as May, as the city starts warming up — literally and figuratively — for the summer. The rare April snowstorm is no longer a possibility, but neither is the scorching sidewalk heat of June, July, and
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Iconic New York City in the Movies Hollywood may be home to the film industry, but it’s New York City that has provided the backdrop for some of its most memorable scenes. At USA Guided NYC Bus Tours, we love the movies, too, and we feature many of these spots on our award-winning day and

A Day in DUMBO

Fulton Ferry Landing
A Day in DUMBO | Brooklyn On our award-winning NYC evening bus tour, “Big Apple in Lights,” we stop at Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn so you can get some breathtaking nighttime photos of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. The Landing is located in DUMBO — or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass —
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NYC Guided Bus Tours in February: Winter in New York City February may not be the most popular month to visit New York City, but it’s a perfect time to take advantage of our award-winning NYC bus tours! Stay toasty in our climate-controlled buses while seeing the sights, and let our itineraries help you create

Escorted Bus Tours of New York

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Escorted Bus Tours of New York: Why USA Guided NYC Bus Tours are the Best Way to Explore the Big Apple As the fleets of buses that sweep up and down New York City streets attest, guided bus tours are an excellent way to see the sights in the Big Apple. You can admire the

Visit Central Park in NYC

Visit Idyllic Central Park in NYC This Winter Looking for the perfect activity that will highlight your visit New York City? While there are many stops that can be considered for NYC bus tours, one that should not be missed is the New York City’s Central Park. This expansive green space offers the perfect respite

NYC Holiday Lights Night Tour

Empire State Building | Night View
NYC Holiday Lights Night Tour: A Unique Way to See the Big Apple There are many choices when it comes to New York bus tours, each with its own promise of providing a different perspective of the city. You can choose to do it early in the morning to kick start your day or late

Thanksgiving in New York City

Thanksgiving in New York City – A Great Experience If you are considering spending Thanksgiving out of home and in another city, NYC is definitely one of the best places in the USA to do it. You can take a look at the Macy’s Parade and be dazzled with the abundance of different and mesmerizing

Cold Season Sightseeing Tips

Central Park New York City
With winter just around the corner, most of us are dreaming about snuggling with a warm cup of tea and a nice book in bed. A select few, however, are already planning their next sightseeing tour. In NYC, the temperatures in winter months can get as low as 0 °F (around -18 °C) and a day
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Visit the Statue of Liberty with Our Guided Bus & Boat Tours When you’re in New York City, especially if it is your first time, visiting the Statue of Liberty is an absolute must. This is arguably the most widely recognized landmark in the whole world, and its iconic status and truly stunning size and
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Enjoy a Hassle-Free Sightseeing New York City – this is one of the places that are ever-present on the bucket lists of many people. From towering skyscrapers to lush greenery, a vibrant nightlife to an exciting food scene, this city has a lot to offer for its visitors. Museums, art galleries, shops, and iconic landmarks
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Fall is already here and with it come the unpredictable weather. A rainy or cold day is not enough to completely ruin your trip but it can certainly make it feel duller, grim and more like a chore than the enjoyable activity it can be. To help you make the most out of your trip
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NYC Sightseeing the Right Way As we’ve mentioned in our previous posts, people at USA Guided Tours NY, are passionate about NYC sightseeing the right way — with fully guided bus tours designed to carry smaller groups, in order to make the touring experience more personalized. Our tour guides take you around our great city,
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New York City is one of the most popular destinations in the world. There aren’t many places in the world that people know as well as New York City, with its iconic skyline, incredible number of attractions and more. We’ve all seen New York City hundreds of times on the television even if we’ve not

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Indulge in NYC Sightseeing and Enjoy the City’s Charms Do you want to explore the Big Apple and feel the vibe of the locals? With our NYC bus tours, you can visit all the major sights and attractions of the city. Pick the right tour for you, hop on and enjoy the ride! Be it a
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The image of Times Square is one that a huge amount of the world is familiar with, the towering buildings and bright lights, the advertising and iconic stores. Why is it that visitors to New York find themselves drawn to this area? It is true that when you’re in Times Square, you feel like you
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Top NYC Sightseeing Spots With one of the finest metropolis from all over the world, New York City is one of the most fun places to visit this season. Also, known by most as ‘The City That Never Sleeps’, NYC sightseeing is a famous hobby of all those enthusiastic travelling fanatics out there. The vibrant

Exploring the Big Apple

Up for some NYC sightseeing? The most visited city of United States for sure, passing through New York is like seeing 100 different countries being fitted into one island. Being backdrop of various classics and favorites movies and TV shows, New York City is stamped in the mind of the people before they even get a

Time-Tested Sightseeing Concept

Welcome to USA Guided Tours Blog! In short, people who comprise our great company are passionate about sightseeing and our great cities. These are pretty much the main prerequisites to fit perfectly into our team. Another thing we, at USA Guided Tours, are passionate about is doing sightseeing the right way, the way it was

Happy Holidays! 2015

Happy Holidays from USAGT NY - 2015!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Happy Holidays! 2015 To our clients and friends who have made our progress possible, we at USA Guided Tours NY extend our warmest wishes for the Holiday Season and a prosperous and peaceful New Year. We at USA Guided Tours NY would like thank to our customers for support