5 Financial To-Dos Before Traveling to NYC

New York is one of the most popular states in the US. However, it’s also notorious for being one of the most expensive tourist places. But other than that, New York is like the mecca for modern artists, entrepreneurs, or dreamers looking to establish their names in their respective fields.

From the glittery storefronts during the night to the homely atmosphere in Central Park, there are many things you can look out for in New York. But how expensive is it exactly to go for a trip to New York? Are there any things you can prepare before going in terms of financial planning? We can help you with that. The following are the top 5 Financial To-Dos Before Traveling to New York.

Start Saving

As we mentioned earlier, New York has a reputation for being expensive. Even though that’s not entirely true, it’s still a very good decision to save a lot of money before going to New York.

There are a lot of fancy restaurants, clothing stores, etc., that you might want to visit. So it’s better if you have some pocket money with you when you go to the Big Apple. It’d definitely be bad if you didn’t have money and debit card declined during the purchase.

Schedule for NYC Bus Tours

Walking around in New York is a treat because you’ll see many things that are pleasing to the eyes. However, as we said, the city is big, and if you don’t want to commute around a big city, then you should schedule a bus tour before your trip. It’s very convenient to have a vehicle to ride around New York; it’ll also save you tons of money.

If you’re looking for a great bus tour, NYC Day Bus Tours is a good choice to experience New York. The bus, especially from the NYC Day Bus Tours, is one of the most popular forms of commuting in the city.

But if you want to experience the train, please avoid the empty subway car. Tourists often race to an empty subway car, thinking it’s a jackpot. However, it’s deserted for a reason, and one common reason is that there’s something wrong with it. So experience the fun with the NYC Day Bus Tours instead.


Save Money on Sightseeing

Being in New York is quite expensive, but it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. Despite its expensive reputation, there are many promotional offers you can take advantage of when it comes to sightseeing. For example, you can go for the New York City Pass. This pass allows you to visit a lot of attractions, skip waiting, and even have a discount on entry prices.

From the Empire State Building Tour to the “Top of the Rock” Rockefeller Center observatory, the City pass is a literal godsend because it allows you to skip waiting for lines entirely. Take note that these attractions have the most ridiculous waiting lines.

Also, the City Pass will be useful when planning to go to the Metropolitan Museum. Admission is usually based on donations, but paying at least $25 on entry is recommended. However, with a city pass, you can pay how much you like.

Go Beyond Manhattan

If you’re looking for a place to stay, whether it’s a hotel or an Airbnb, then you should look beyond Manhattan. Why? Did you know that the average rental price in New York is at least $3,000? It might be the average for rental prices and not hotels and Airbnb, but we can assure you that the price is close to that number.

Because of this, small businesses and even historic storefronts are being forced out of the city and replaced with large stores from name brands. If you want to stay the night, you might want to go beyond Manhattan. The further you look, the lower the prices will be. Unless you’re made of money, look somewhere else to sleep.

Plan the Date Early

As you’re planning the trip, you should know there are specific seasons when it’s cheaper to get tickets. Everyone knows it’s expensive if you go on holiday. From airline tickets and lodging to car rentals, everything is more expensive during the holidays. If so, when exactly can you go to New York on a budget?

It’s usually recommended to visit New York from late September through October or from January to March. There’s not much to see in New York during these times except for small private events.

The crowds are thinner during this time, and the weather is not too hot nor too cold, not to mention that since there’s no huge event during this time, the hotels and Airbnbs are significantly cheaper. If you’re on a budget, go during this time.

Final Words

If you’re planning to go to New York, then the tips we discussed will save you a lot of money during your stay there. New York is expensive, so you might want to do everything listed if you want to visit New York without breaking the bank. With that said, we hope you enjoy your stay here.

Amanda Wilson, Content Specialist in Collaboration With USA Guided Tours Content Team